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A Few Unrelated Thoughts

Generally, I am a pretty even-keel
person.  When it comes to sports
plays, I used to live with a “seen one, seen ’em all” mentality.  But last night, that Reed Johnson
grand-slam snag in the Cubs’ 8-5 win over the Brewers was AMAZING. 
All-caps worthy, as you can see. 
It changed my tone concerning spectacular baseball defense.  That is the best catch I have seen in a
long time.  I was listening to the game on the radio while I was driving, and I could tell by the
announcer’s tone that this was going to be good.  I leaned closer to the radio (why do people to that?  It’s not like he’s going to say
something different if you lean in closer), and was amazed after just hearing the play.  Later, I watched a video clip and was
even more awestruck.  Prince
Fielder tipped his hat to Johnson! 
That’s when you know it’s a great play; the guy robbed you of your first
career slam and you still have to
congratulate him.  I apologize for this single-post Cubs bias, but that was just a great catch.


I was so enthused by the Reed Johnson play
that I wore my Cubs t-shirt to school today.  It just has the plain old Cubs logo, but it was purchased
right across from Wrigley so it’s one of my favorites.  A random guy on campus yelled out to
me, “GO CUBS!” and I had a swell of baseball pride.  It made my day (to give you sense of how exciting my day
was).  It was fun to share the greatness
of baseball with another fan, and it was really the first time anyone ever
acknowledged me wearing anything baseball-related.  This led me to realize that there are probably a lot of
great stories out there…have you ever had an interesting fan encounter while
wearing baseball gear in public? 
Funny?  Intimidating? 


And last but certainly not least…I am
wondering if anyone has ever read or come across some interesting books about
the Negro Leagues.  My research
paper this term centers on the Negro Leagues, so I thought I’d throw it out
there.  And, honestly, if you’ve
read any baseball books in general recently, I’d love to know about them!  What did you think? 


I hope everyone had a fantastic Easter
weekend and is looking forward to some more great baseball.

Bloody Socks and The Best Game

far as “the greatest game ever played” in each respective sport, there is
sometimes consensus and sometimes debate. 
Football has the 1958 NFL Championship Game that pitted the Baltimore
Colts against the New York Giants and was the first football game ever to go
into sudden-death overtime. 
Baseball has…the “bloody sock” game?


“Bloody Sock Game,” Game 6 of the 2004 ALCS in which Curt Shilling played with
torn tendons in his ankle, has been all over the news today following Curt
Schilling’s retirement announcement. 
I remember watching it four years ago and thinking it was pretty
cool.  But, how long do you think
it will live on in baseball lore?


162 games every season, there are a lot to choose from.  It might be easier to identify the
“greatest series ever played.”  They
may have had some especially unique quality; they weren’t necessarily the best
game all-around.


are a few games that stand out to me. 
It wasn’t one of the greatest games ever played in the history of
baseball, but Game 5 of the 2008 World Series was definitely exciting; rain
poured on the field in Philadelphia and made it basically unplayable.  The perseverance of the players,
continuing to give it their all amid terrible conditions, and the heated debate
about whether or not the game should have been suspended combined to make it an
intriguing game for me. 


the game in which Hank Aaron hit his 715th home run will always be
one of my favorites.  That’s
probably cliché, but he played outside a steroid shadow and advanced the cause
of African-Americans in the game. 
If only for the perseverance displayed by Schilling, the “bloody sock
game” also deserves a little attention in my book.


are just a couple of examples.  While
the “Greatest Game Ever Played” has been solidified in football, baseball’s is
still up for debate.  What do you think?  Do you think there is
one game or series that can be labeled as the best?  Or, do you have one game that you found especially interesting,
exciting, or intriguing?  On the
flip side, do you think there is a “worst game” ever played?  I can think of a few, one in particular
dealing with a certain headphone-wearing Cubs fan…but I’ll leave it at
that.  I’m too busy watching this great WBC final to write anything else!