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Garza and Gammons

month down, everybody.  Lots of
different stories, players, and teams have emerged since Opening Day; the one
that stands out in my mind is still Nick Adenhart’s tragic death, and I hope we
can all continue to honor his memory throughout the season. 


However…there are a few more recent stories that I’ve found interesting:


Garza was amazing last night.  Even
though I didn’t have the game on TV, I saw highlights, and was amazed to see
him throw a perfect game through seven innings against Boston.  Of course, it won’t show up in the record books because he
didn’t go all nine, but that is still something to be proud of.  And even though Garza was incredible, I
was kind of happy to see that Jacoby Ellsbury was the one who ruined it for


best baseball-related commercial I have seen so far this season is this one for
Baseball Tonight, which features
Peter Gammons:


is obviously a respected baseball journalist and veteran in the field, and this
commercial made me laugh because it made him the baseball equivalent to Chuck
Norris.  I don’t get the change to watch Baseball Tonight very often, but when I do, I love his insight.  Except for maybe the sweet
parking skills, I would not be surprised if all of this were true.  Maybe.


on top of all of this, it’s Friday. 
This weekend I’ll probably have my eyes on the Twins/Royals series
because Joe Mauer has returned.  Also, I’ll be watching the Mariners because I’d like to see if
they can remain in first place longer than one month and they’re playing a
division rival.  Granted, it’s the
last-place A’s, but I’m looking forward to it.  What weekend game(s) will you be watching? 

Some Love for the Native Son

Oregon may not the most populous or most recognized state in the U.S., but it IS the home of home base-stealer extraordinaire, Jacoby Ellsbury. 

It was the best play of the
weekend by far:  Jacoby Ellsbury
stole home base last night!

I apologize to all
of those Yankee fans.  This
historic moment came at your expense, I understand.  But this was unreal; he just slid in there,
out of nowhere.  He helped lead Oregon State’s baseball team to a national
championship in 2006, and now he’s helping the Red Sox win 10 in a row.

 So, Jacoby,
because the Blazers couldn’t pull out a victory last night, you gave Oregon
sports fans a reason to celebrate. 
That was a pretty wild game; I was watching the game with a friend who
is a huge Yankee fan, and it led her to declare “there is no justice in the


While watching the
game, I thoroughly enjoyed several peoples’ humorous criticism of the ESPN announcers.  I’ve said before that I think Jon
Miller is great, but Joe Morgan is just okay and have never liked Steve
Phillips.  I was laughing pretty
hard listening to some bloggers’ frustrations with Phillips as he continued to
restate the obvious, and it made me wonder: is there anything about baseball
that really irritates you?  Aside
from a rival team, is there anything you really dislike about the game of
baseball, or a certain player you just don’t like? 


Back when I first
started watching baseball, I remember a game when Omar Vizquel, then playing
for Cleveland, threw a fit because Mariners pitcher Arthur Rhodes refused to
take off an earring that was a little too shiny for Omar’s liking.  At age 11, I was unable to understand
why he had to get so mad at Rhodes, and even though I laugh about it now, I
still harbor some dislike towards Vizquel.  So, while that is an insignificant example, I have been
wondering…is there anything about baseball that you really don’t like?  Any single players?  Any front office personnel?  Agents?  Commissioners? 
Announcers?  Past or
present, anything goes.


I hope everyone is
gearing up for this great day of baseball matchups!  What game(s) do you plan on watching? 

P.S.: I had some pictures up, but I have had many bloggers tell me they can’t see them…I’ve spent some time working on it, but I will try and solve the problem fully as soon as I have more time.  Sorry you cannot all see the greatness of Oregon and Jacoby Ellsbury.