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So Glad to be Back to the Grind!

It’s been too long.  After a shamefully long absence, I’ve returned
to celebrate OPENING DAY.  


Last night was one of the best starts to a
baseball season I’ve had in a while. 
Friends, Sunday Night Baseball, the voice of Jon Miller, and Taco Bell
were all included; fine dining is a very important component of a baseball
game.  Now we’re finally back to
the baseball grind!


Seeing as this is Opening Day, I haven’t
watched a whole lot of ball yet. 
So, I thought I would ask: with only 161 games remaining for a lot of
teams, what games or series are you most looking forward to in the regular
season?  Also, for those of you who
are die-hard fans of one team, what team besides your own favorite are you most
looking forward to watching?


I’m pretty excited to watch the Mets this
year.  While I’m still not sure
they deserve that World Series Champ prediction from SI, their lineup is
formidable: Jose Reyes, David Wright, and Carlos Beltran are all excellent
players.  Also, I’m looking forward
to watching the Blue Jays’ Travis Snider. 
He’s a rookie left-fielder, and as I write this, he’s gone 2-for-3 with
a run scored in the Blue Jays vs. Tigers game still in progress. 


Obviously, I haven’t exhausted every source
of every source of information here, so I’d love to know what games and players
you are most looking forward to watching this season. 


On that note, I’ve been thinking about how
to keep my blog more in line with my original idea of picking the “Best of
162.”  I don’t want to do a straight
recap of everything that happens, but my plan is to note especially great
performances, plays, teams, players, games, etc.  And while the focus will definitely be on the game of
baseball, I love hearing great stories that have anything to do with baseball
in general (like a great manager tirade or press conference quote).  All this goes to say:  I’ll have my eyes peeled, but if you
come across anything, please let me know! 
I want to keep dialogue running and hear from everyone about what they
think is the “Best of 162!”


Happy Opening Day!  

(Also, thanks to a Chicago White Sox billboard from two years ago; I stole the phrase “Back to the Grind” used in a baseball context from it.)

Defining the “Best”

Welcome to my blog!  I’m not great with introductions, but for a couple of weeks, I’ve been reading some of the blogs on MLBlogs (“Life and Indians Baseball Through the Eyes of a Clemson Girl” and “Confessions of a She-Fan are the most prominent examples) and thought it seemed like a way to talk about baseball and connect with other fans/bloggers.  So, I decided to try my hand at a blog.  I’m not a die-hard fan of one specific team, but I am a huge fan of baseball in general and thought this idea might be interesting to try out.

To be perfectly honest, I’m not even sure what the “best” exactly means; or why I chose “162.”  Has a fine ring to it, I guess.  That may seem problematic.  But in my head, this blog takes the form of discussion, argument, talk, etc., about the best that baseball has to offer.  

So while the definition of “best” is somewhat up in the air for now, I will just say that I am always interested in hearing other people’s stories.  I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to a number of different ballparks in the U.S. and have distinct memories tied to those trips that involve fans I met and interacted with at those games.  Now, I think it would be fun to have a place online where people could discuss what they love most about baseball, whether it’s a certain team, a certain ballpark, a certain announcer.  You name it.  I want to hear about it.

Enough about me.  That’s just a brief explanation of my idea.  Maybe that’s not such a hot idea, and I’m okay with that.  But if there is something about baseball that you absolutely love, let me know.  I’d love for this blog to be a place for fans to tell other fans about their own personal “Best of 162.”  
Just to start off…I want to express my undying love for Jon Miller.  He’s the play-by-play announcer for the San Francisco Giants and also for ESPN’sSunday Night Baseball.  To me, he is the best announcer out there; his voice conveys extensive knowledge of and deep respect for the game of baseball.  His interviews are thoughtful, his insight is informative, and you can just tell that he loves the game.  
That’s one of my best…what’s one of yours?