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Help Wanted

I’ve been hyping this up for a couple days now, so now I am finally going to
divulge the secrets of my baseball trip. 
Forgive me if I sound overly excited, but I have never taken a trip
solely for the purpose of going to baseball games, let alone fly to the other
side of the country to do so.


dad and I are leaving next Thursday for a 5-day/4-game adventure.  Of the four cities we are going to visit, I’ve only been to one of them before.  So, I am seeking out the wise advice of my fellow bloggers: Where should we go?  Where should we eat?  What should we be sure to check out at the ballpark?  We’d like to explore the city a little bit on top of going to the game, so I’m open to any and all suggestions.

First stop…


new yankee stadium.jpg


York is my favorite city in the world, so I would be excited to go even if baseball
were not included.  However, I will
be officially experiencing the new Yankee Stadium in person.  Better yet, it will be an authentic New
York experience: it’s a Yankees vs. Mets game.  I’m sorry, Red Sox fans, but I cannot help but be excited about getting to experience the inaugural season of the new stadium in my favorite city.  




Saturday, we’ll be heading to Camden Yards for the Orioles vs. Braves
game.  I’ve never been to
Baltimore, so if you guys have any tips at all, they would be especially
helpful here.  There’s a free promotion that day: crab mallets.  My dad was pretty excited about that.  It seems like it will be a very authentic New England souvenir.






already received some helpful tips from Matt of The Pittsburgh Peas, who is a Pittsburgh
native, but if you live in Pittsburgh or have been to the park, let me know!  We’re going to see the Pirates and Tigers.


the final stop…

the jake.jpg


going to the Indians vs. Brewers game in Cleveland on the 15th.  I am super excited for the game, of
course, but I am also really looking forward to the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of
Fame.  My dad and I have plans to
go.  I am completely addicted to
Motown music, and it’s the record label’s 50th Anniversary this year
so they have a special Motown exhibit at the Hall of Fame.


Well, that’s
the trip in a nutshell, but I have one important final question.  Somewhere along the way, I would like
to buy one or two t-shirts, they jersey style with a player’s name and number
on the back.  This is a very
important decision; I mean, I will be sporting this player’s name all summer,
so it has to be someone good.  My
choices are probably limited to Yankees, Orioles, Pirates and Indians since those are the home teams, so let
me know if you have any good suggestions!

Photo credits:

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The Jake/Progressive Field: http://imagecache2.allposters.com/images/pic/PHO/AAGY062_16x20-2006OpeningDay~Jacobs-Field-Posters.jpg


There weren’t a whole lot of games on
yesterday, so I’m going to focus less on the individual games and players and
more on those wonderful people who bring us the inside info on our favorite
game: the analysts.  There are all
sorts of analysts and commentators, from those on the local sports channels to
the big-time, national show anchors. 
It has come to my attention lately that there are certain analysts who
are not held in high regard.  A
long time ago, people started bashing Steve Phillips, and while I kind of felt
bad for him at the start, it has come to my attention that he really does stink
at it.  I’m sure he knows a lot
about baseball after spending several years as the Mets’ GM, but he seems to
have a hard time translating that to TV. 


So, my question for you: who is the best
analyst today?  I know many of you
are partial to your local announcers. 
But, I’m also interested to know your thought about some of the national
guys.  What makes them good or bad?


Also, congrats to Randy Johnson for getting
his 298th win last night. 
He might not pitch like he did 10 or 15 years ago, but here’s to hoping
he picks up the 300th soon. 
There’s been a lot of talk lately about how we might see fewer 300-game
winners in the future, but Randy Johnson seems to be a lock.  The final countdown to his 300th is in full swing.


And speaking of countdowns, I’ve started a countdown for the days until I can join them: 30.  There’s a full schedule of games on
today, so they’ll create some nice background noise for my studying.  Enjoy the games, everyone!


This is the first year I’ve really thought about the significance of Jackie Robinson’s debut with the Brooklyn Dodgers, on April 15, 1947.  And while it’s almost April 16 for many people, I wanted to write a quick post in order to honor Jackie Robinson and offer up a link to a fantastic story on NYTimes.com.  Until yesterday, I had no idea that Jackie Robinson stole home 19 times.  19!  This article highlights that achievement, but also the significance of Robinson and the broken color barrier in general.  Also, for any Mets fans, it includes some great lines from Jose Reyes.

If anyone has any Jackie Robinson stories, fun facts, tributes, feel free to leave a comment!

So Glad to be Back to the Grind!

It’s been too long.  After a shamefully long absence, I’ve returned
to celebrate OPENING DAY.  


Last night was one of the best starts to a
baseball season I’ve had in a while. 
Friends, Sunday Night Baseball, the voice of Jon Miller, and Taco Bell
were all included; fine dining is a very important component of a baseball
game.  Now we’re finally back to
the baseball grind!


Seeing as this is Opening Day, I haven’t
watched a whole lot of ball yet. 
So, I thought I would ask: with only 161 games remaining for a lot of
teams, what games or series are you most looking forward to in the regular
season?  Also, for those of you who
are die-hard fans of one team, what team besides your own favorite are you most
looking forward to watching?


I’m pretty excited to watch the Mets this
year.  While I’m still not sure
they deserve that World Series Champ prediction from SI, their lineup is
formidable: Jose Reyes, David Wright, and Carlos Beltran are all excellent
players.  Also, I’m looking forward
to watching the Blue Jays’ Travis Snider. 
He’s a rookie left-fielder, and as I write this, he’s gone 2-for-3 with
a run scored in the Blue Jays vs. Tigers game still in progress. 


Obviously, I haven’t exhausted every source
of every source of information here, so I’d love to know what games and players
you are most looking forward to watching this season. 


On that note, I’ve been thinking about how
to keep my blog more in line with my original idea of picking the “Best of
162.”  I don’t want to do a straight
recap of everything that happens, but my plan is to note especially great
performances, plays, teams, players, games, etc.  And while the focus will definitely be on the game of
baseball, I love hearing great stories that have anything to do with baseball
in general (like a great manager tirade or press conference quote).  All this goes to say:  I’ll have my eyes peeled, but if you
come across anything, please let me know! 
I want to keep dialogue running and hear from everyone about what they
think is the “Best of 162!”


Happy Opening Day!  

(Also, thanks to a Chicago White Sox billboard from two years ago; I stole the phrase “Back to the Grind” used in a baseball context from it.)