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An Extreme Week

week seems to be a week of extremes for a lot of teams.  Take the Yankees, for example.  They get to celebrate the well-received opening of a
brand new stadium, but then have to find a way to compensate
for the loss of Xavier Nady.  Or
the Red Sox.  I don’t want to add
fuel to the fire for Sox fans, but they’re having their worst start since
1996.  They did win yesterday, and
it’s the beginning of the season, but still; with such a talented team, I
understand the frustration.


are also a couple extremes of a different sort.  Extreme grief and sadness.  Nick Adenhart’s death one week ago and the loss of Phillies
broadcaster Harry Kalas on Monday are still fresh in the minds of fans and
players alike.  I’ve only been a
part of MLBlogs for less than a month, but I was amazed to see the huge,
sincere outpouring of support that came from the bloggers.  I enjoyed reading the reflective,
heartfelt tributes and responses to the passing of these two members of the
baseball family. 



a lighter note: extreme shock.  The
Mariners are in first place?  The
Padres are in first place (even if it’s a tie)?  The Marlins are in first place?  Wow.  I am
especially surprised about the Mariners; in Ichiro’s first game back from the
DL, he launches a grand slam, which is especially rare for him since he’s more
of a single or double hitter.  I
know, I know, it’s only the second week of the season, but it might be the only
time this season that some fans can celebrate being atop the standings.


that in mind, how are you feeling about your team’s position so far?  We’re not too far in, so no teams are
facing must-win games, but I’d be interested to hear the reactions of fans
regarding how their team has performed so far, what their team needs to improve
on, and how they see the rest of the season shaping up. 


have to solicit this information from the dedicated fans because I am not a
die-hard fan of one team.  Portland
doesn’t have a major league club, but we are generally Mariners fans by default
since they’re closest.  So, while
this is a baseball blog, I have to take a few lines to show some hometown pride
for the Blazers!  They’ve made it
to the NBA playoffs and I will be rooting for them!



one final side note…because he will probably be reading this at some point,
happy birthday Dad!  I hope it has
been a great day for you.


almost-Friday, everyone. 

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“Life is a Day that Doesn’t Last for Long”

“Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.”

          Matthew 5:4

So many fitting tributes have already been
made to Nick Adenhart today, but I don’t think there is any other news in baseball
today more important than his shocking death.  Even though I don’t know much about him and have never seen
him or met him, it struck me that Major League Baseball has lost a player, a
friend, a role model.  I don’t have
much to add, but I do wish to send out my prayers to his family, friends, and teammates; I wish the same to those of the others who were killed or injured in the crash.  To lose someone so
young so suddenly is something I still can’t fathom.  Nick Adenhart’s death is a reminder that we should live for
more than going through the motions of life; we’ve been given the greatest gift
and are responsible for using it to the best of our abilities.  We may not become Major League Baseball
players, but Nick Adenhart can be an example for us all.

The title of this post comes from the lyrics of the song “Gone” by Switchfoot.