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Rainy Days, Injuries, and Baseball Stats

is not really a bad day, by any means, just kind of a dreary one.  My walk to class this morning was
pleasant; it was sunny and sort of warm. 
When I returned to my room four hours later, I was soaked.  Drenched.  And the rain has not let up since then.  But since this is Oregon, that’s not
really news.  So, some baseball


became even drearier when I looked at the MLB.com homepage and saw that half of
the news headlines were injury-related. 
It’s good to see that Rick Ankiel was released from the hospital; he
lost a battle with the outfield wall at Busch Stadium and it looked so
painful.  Also, Roy Oswalt left the
Astros vs. Nationals game today with a bruised finger and Jorge Posada was
placed on the 15-day DL with a hamstring strain.  What is going on here? 
I hope all of these players have speedy recoveries, but their absences
could make things interesting for their respective teams within the next few
days.  How do you all think
injuries could affect your team over the next week? 


a little bit of “the best”:


Jason Bay.  I just saw him hit a home run against
the Yankees, and that’s his 7th this year.  He’s hitting .329 this season, and has been hitting
especially well against the Yankees. 
Sorry, Yankees fans, I know there hasn’t been a lot of great news coming
your way lately (except that A-Rod’s return is nearing), but you can’t deny
that Bay has had a great start.


Nate Silver.  Congratulations to Nate Silver for
being one of TIME’s 100 this year. 
The magazine ranked him as one of “The World’s Most Influential
People.”  Before gaining fame for
predicting 2008 election results with ridiculous accuracy, he invented PECOTA
and worked for Baseball Prospectus. 
I also think he used to write those “Modest Proposal” boxes for Sports Illustrated in the baseball
preview issue.  For some reason,
the huge variety of baseball stat acronyms fascinates me, so I think this is
kind of cool.  Maybe next year an
actual baseball player will be one of the world’s most influential people.  Any ideas?


about to settle in with some homework and some Mexican food (Happy Cinco de
Mayo!), but after that I think I’ll be watching the rest of the Sox/Yanks game
and Phillies/Cardinals.   


and one last thing: in my last post, I put up a YouTube video of a Baseball Tonight commercial featuring
Peter Gammons.  After further
investigation, I have found this one, featuring Buster Olney, to be equally