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There weren’t a whole lot of games on
yesterday, so I’m going to focus less on the individual games and players and
more on those wonderful people who bring us the inside info on our favorite
game: the analysts.  There are all
sorts of analysts and commentators, from those on the local sports channels to
the big-time, national show anchors. 
It has come to my attention lately that there are certain analysts who
are not held in high regard.  A
long time ago, people started bashing Steve Phillips, and while I kind of felt
bad for him at the start, it has come to my attention that he really does stink
at it.  I’m sure he knows a lot
about baseball after spending several years as the Mets’ GM, but he seems to
have a hard time translating that to TV. 


So, my question for you: who is the best
analyst today?  I know many of you
are partial to your local announcers. 
But, I’m also interested to know your thought about some of the national
guys.  What makes them good or bad?


Also, congrats to Randy Johnson for getting
his 298th win last night. 
He might not pitch like he did 10 or 15 years ago, but here’s to hoping
he picks up the 300th soon. 
There’s been a lot of talk lately about how we might see fewer 300-game
winners in the future, but Randy Johnson seems to be a lock.  The final countdown to his 300th is in full swing.


And speaking of countdowns, I’ve started a countdown for the days until I can join them: 30.  There’s a full schedule of games on
today, so they’ll create some nice background noise for my studying.  Enjoy the games, everyone!

Remembering the Best

There’s still some time before the regular season begins and new headlines and debates inundate every moment.  So, in the meantime, I’ve been thinking about how memories and memorabilia are tied to baseball.  Jeremy
Homer’s post about his visit to the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame (http://homerfoodandhistory.mlblogs.com/) got me to
thinking…surely some bloggers out there have some type of baseball memorabilia
that they’ve collected over the years? 
Then I looked up from the computer screen and remembered my own meager
collection sitting on a shelf. 
It’s been sitting untouched for quite some time now, but some of it is
kind of cool:

mem shelf.png

That’s the extent of my baseball memorabilia.
top shelf 2.png

baseball on the far left is signed by Ozzie Guillen.  My dad took my sister and me to Arizona for Spring Training
in 2004, and it was actually my sister who ended up snagging Ozzie’s autograph,
right in the White Sox dugout after a game.  Luckily, she’s not a huge baseball fan, so I’ve been holding
it hostage for a while.  The
baseball on the far right is an official baseball used in the 1985 World


middle ball is signed by Pat Borders, the 1994 World Series MVP with the Toronto Blue Jays; I got him to sign in at Spring Training 2004 when he was playing for the Seattle Mariners.  You can’t really see them too well, but
the two pins in the front commemorate Barry Bonds’ 600th home run;
my family and I were at the game on August 9, 2002 and witnessed number 600!  We bought tickets way in advance and got lucky; it was pretty cool to see such a milestone homer!

That’s all I’ve got as far as memorabilia and collections go.  It may not be Cooperstown, but each piece reminds me of specific games or moments that were historic or just plain fun.  Does anyone have a similar experience?  Maybe a certain ball or autograph, or even a story, that you consider to be your best, most treasured piece of memorabilia?  Why is it so important to you?  If you have anything along these lines, I’d love to see it and/or hear about it!