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Trade Talk

fact: I share a birthday with the Sony Walkman.  Who knew?  It
was introduced today in 1979. 
Today begins my last year of teenager-ness.  And while I share a birthday with some pretty famous people
(Princess Diana, Carl Lewis, Dan Aykroyd, Missy Elliott, Pamela Anderson), I
really wish I shared a birthday with this guy:





try not to talk about Albert Pujols too much, but I could easily use up most of
my blog posts analyzing and discussing his greatness.  I will spare you that, but I do want to congratulate Albert
on becoming the first player in Major League history to have 9 straight
30-homer seasons to begin his career. 
Wow.  If you could see a picture
of me right now, my mouth would be hanging open in awe.  Thanks to SportsCenter’s twitter feed
for providing me with that bit of information.


big news item: the Pittsburgh Pirates’ trades.  The Pirates sent outfielder Nyjer Morgan and LHP Sean
Burnett to the Nationals and received outfielder Lastings Milledge and RHP Joel
Hanrahan from the Nats.  They also
sent Eric Hinske to the Yankees in exchange for Class A players Casey Ericson
and Eric Fryer.  It always hurts to
see favorite players traded away, but this Pittsburgh scenario really seems to
have upset people, specifically Pittsburgh fans.  Everyone was shocked when Nate McLouth was traded to the
Braves in early June.  Now, the
Pirates just seem to be unloading more players as part of a massive rebuilding


I ask: what makes a trade a “good” trade? 
I may not be a front office expert, but when a rising Pirates star like
Andrew McCutchen says the trades made him want to cry, shouldn’t that raise a
red flag?  At what point do front
office execs sacrifice some talent in the future in order to maintain morale
and talent on the field right now? 
With players like McCutchen and longtime Pirate Jack Wilson questioning
the deals, can the Pirates really afford their rebuild?


do you think there will be any other notable trades in the next few weeks?  The trade deadline is now just a month
away, so I’m interested to see what teams make deals and what teams stay put.   


disclaimer: Just because it’s my birthday does not mean you have to say happy
birthday to me.  I forgot to put my
own mother’s birthday card in the mail on time this year, so I deserve nothing.




Albert picture: